When the American Union of Free and Independent States and the Church of Jesus Christ in that union are found in captivity to its culture and a federal territory of 10 square miles through subversive activities to individual liberty, healthy families as the foundation of society must deploy both tools and weapons.

Tools are necessary for rebuilding and weapons are necessary for defensive and offensive engagement of enemies to the rebuilding of your individual liberty through the art and practice of self government.

No war was ever won on defense. The true church of the Lord Jesus Christ is in a war over manifesting the earth’s rightful King. The prime directive for those who are lovers of the Lord of Liberty and His benevolent fruits of His Law of Liberty is to mess up the works in enemy occupied territory. If you’d enjoy an entertainment reminder of what this looks like, view the classic film, The Great Escape.

There once was a civil ruler who deployed such a strategy of rebuilding and restoration—Governor Nehemiah of ancient Israel. He authorized families station around the city perimeter to rebuild a wall of defense and protection by using a tool in one hand and a weapon in the other. This is the Kingdom strategy for rebuilding out of the ruins of captivity to unbelief and disobedience.

This page will take shape over the months ahead of field-tested tools and weapons I use for exercising, promoting, and defending Christ and the Constitution—the two-fold Law of Liberty for the American Christian.

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