Let Freedom Ring

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Let freedom ring from coast to coast and shore to shore

Jesus Christ, the only way through heavens door

Let freedom ring from mountain top high and valley low

The Word of God to show us so

Let freedom ring across the nation

Make disciples is the proclamation

Let freedom ring from state to state

Regenerated men freed from hate

Let freedom ring from city to city

Demonstrating to all men, the God-kind of pity

Let freedom ring from congregation to congregation

Showing the world the source of true emancipation

Let freedom ring from home to home

Raising children where they belong

Let freedom ring from one to another

Reforming ourselves without tarrying for another

~Written by Barry Durmaz
An American Christian
of Turkish & Scottish blood

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Barry Durmaz
Freedom Leader, Master of Peaceful Productivity & Governance for Christ and The Constitution

Barry, the son of Turkish Immigrant Stephen Hasan Durmaz, is a first-generation American Christian—liberated with world overcoming faith to

prevail against the rival deities of worldly business, oppressive institutional churches, and tyrannical civil authority. He leads and trains his family and others to do what is impossible to the natural mind and the evil empire—govern yourself in every area of life. With real world-exploits under his belt, he tells his story of this world overcoming power to govern yourself and express the true person you were created to be. See his About page for his world-overcoming story of victory.