Corruption in Politics Does not Exist

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Deception of the True Source of America's Demise

Americans are well into that 4-year cycle where campaign races for the highest Constitutional office are in full swing—the run for the president of the 50 States, United.

Conversations and debates get real colorful at this time. Individual character and the maligning of such is all too often par for the course although not exclusively true.

I’m having a conversation with some folks in a LinkedIn group concerning this matter of politics and what appears to some as an area of life containing in some measure or even in full, corruption. By such an observation, some conclude that political matters have not the value of their time nor energy to develop an informed decision, come election day 2016—if they vote at all.

Now what makes this truly sad is that this group of LinkedIn friends are professed Christians. Why is that sad? The very people who are called by the LORD as salt and light in His name to a darkened world have missed the very words of Christ regarding the source and origin of evil—corruption we say.

I see a representation by some in this Christian group that politics is not worth their devotion of time, energy, resources, prayers, and study—simply because civil government is full of corruption and worldly. Or, perhaps some are willing to pray, and that being only because “…there is much corruption in politics,” as one commenter stated.

It is to the churches powerlessness that such attitudes and behaviors prevail and is one example why the Union is in demise. The very preserving and unifying agent in the earth, followers of Christ, have fallen prey to the warning found in Colossians 2:8:

“Beware lest anyone cheat you through philosophy and empty deceit, according to the basic principles of the world, and not according to Christ.”

We Christians are some of the most naive and deceived bunch in the land. We are narrow-minded in the wrong way, externally religious, and often fail to apprehend that Jesus Christ demonstrated His Lordship over all earthly rulers at His resurrection. He is the great Governor of the universe.

If it were not for the LORD Christ, politics as a legitimate arena of life would not exist. Christ is the Creator and what He creates He governs. During His earthly ministry, He instructed His followers to pray “that your kingdom come on earth as it is established in heaven.” Christ has a kingdom, and it is a divine kingdom that He introduced into the world three years before He was crucified by religious hypocrites.

As I look upon the vast landscape of American Christianity, I see a mass body of people who’ve forgotten to utilize such communication tools as the dictionary. My go-to reference is the American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828 edition, by the father of American education and scholarship, Noah Webster. Webster defines politics as “the science of government.”

Wonderful! Politics is a science. A science that like so many sciences comes with increasing knowledge as to how the subject matter works.

Am I to believe that government is inherently corrupt because that is the conclusion of so many religious people? That’s a deception from below! Christ is the Creator of government, and I read in the creation account of Genesis that everything God made is good. The prophet Isaiah also pronounced warning and judgment on God’s rebellious people:

“Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” Isaiah 5:20

Prophet Isaiah

If the science of government is not of God by right of creation and by right of redemption, it is the “inspiration” of the devil and therefore unredeemable. No. The science of government, called politics, is good because God said all His creation is good. There is no corruption in politics because there is nothing but purity from the One Holy God.

What a majority of Christians are detrimentally in error of because they know not the Scriptures, nor the power of God is the genuine source of corruption is that non-material substance in every individual—the heart. From cover to cover of the divine revelation of Scripture, God is after the heart of man to be wholly devoted to Him alone as the source and origin of everything that is good.

Followers of Christ are masters of heart trouble and do not possess a preoccupation with what one can see, but the unseen. The things that are seen have value only to the degree that the hidden realm of spiritual matter is understood and acted upon by faith. Politics is not the source of corruption and darkness. The fallen heart of humanity is the source and origin of all the evils in America.

Consulting my trusty Webster’s 1828 edition dictionary, I looked up ‘corruption.’ The fourth definition is most appropriate:

“Depravity; wickedness; perversion or deterioration of moral principles; loss of purity or integrity.”

Webster's 1828

Webster goes on to give an example of word usage by quoting a biblical reference, 2 Peter 1:4b, “…having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.”

Is it possible for politics to be lustful? Does politics have a single heart that we can go to and appeal to its conscience for its depravity and wickedness? Silly, isn’t it?

When Christians are not clear on the most rudimentary truth of why there is the level of corruption that exists, that is their corruption manifesting as the source of our problems. America is chock full of professors of the Christian faith who fail to apprehend the life-transforming power of a heart set free to do what is right all the time. And when we stumble to do what is right in the eyes of the All-seeing God, we’re free enough to repent and be reconciled to God and our neighbor. Repentance of individual corruption is the sure course to mediating healing and restoration to a divided America in a generational decline of what is inherently good—politics.

To those who profess Christ while decrying politics as corrupt, they need to be ‘LinkedIn’ to Christ and His perfect law of liberty. Join me in this life-transforming, world, flesh, and devil overcoming journey by faith.

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